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Marketing Project Manager Audi | D'Ieteren Auto | Kortenberg

Marketing Project Manager Audi | D'Ieteren Auto | Kortenberg

We are looking for a Marketing Project Manager for our offices in Kortenberg !


  • Master’s degree or compensated by experience
  • 5-10 years of experience in marketing positions
  • You have an experience in projects and events management
  • You have a specific interest in the Audi brand en social media
  • You like working in a team, facing challenges and are results oriented
  • You are bilingual FR NL

Main responsibilities

Designs, defines and coordinates the presence and content strategy on and offline, paid, owned and earned for the projects he or she is responsible for and in line with the strategy defined by the Brand Marketing Manager.


Contributes to the definition of the annual plan and strategy

  • Provides the Brand Marketing Manager with an annual action plan and a budget breakdown for the products and projects he or she is responsible for across all on and offline communications channels (paid, owned and earned) and based on:
    • The overall brand strategy defined by the Brand Director and the Brand Marketing Manager
    • The brand’s commercial objectives
    • Guidelines provided by the builders
    • Good practices and recommendations issued by the experts for each central marketing channel
  • Ensures consistency, complementarity and optimization of its plan with regard to the actions deployed by other Marketing Project Managers within the Brand

Campaign and project management

  • Defines for each project, product or campaign: the marketing objective, Unique Selling Proposition, target users, creative strategy, budget and its distribution for each channel
  • Writes the overall multichannel brief for the project or campaign
  • Briefs the creative agency, leads and coordinates the creation and production of content by the production agency/ies and studio(s)
  • Validates the final proposal by the Marketing Manager or Brand Director
  • Leads and coordinates activation of the campaign, supported by the central experts

  • Briefs the central experts for each channel (Media Manager, CRM Campaign Planner, Event Manager, Retail Marketing Manager, Digital Manager)
  • Validates additional briefs or detailed briefs for each channel, written by the central experts and sent to service providers
  • Validates the detailed plans, proposals for action and recommendations issued by the central experts
  • Briefing of the media agency or key service providers when necessary
  • Delegates the preparation and operational monitoring of the campaign to central experts
  • Referees corrective actions to be put in place in case of an alert about the smooth running of the campaign

Budget management

  • Validates all quotes and invoices relating to his or her projects
  • Is responsible for budget spending on his or her projects being in compliance with the validated budget
  • Has a monthly update with the Brand’s budget controller in order to verify this compliance

Brand Image Management

  • Is the guarantor of image consistency between the different channels activated on his or her projects
  • Ensures the consistency of the creative strategy for the contents he or she is responsible for with the Brand’s overall strategy

Performance Analysis & Measurement

  • Consolidates available reports (studies, reports from central expert, sales data, traffic data, etc.) in order to analyse and measure success across the board of the campaigns he or she is responsible for
  • Carries out performance reporting to the factory and internally (for Brand management and other Brand entities)
  • Debriefs the central marketing team and creative agency on campaign performance and raises alerts about areas to improve for future campaigns


Internal communications

  • Ensures permanent dialogue with the factory on the one hand, and the central marketing teams on the other hand, to enable optimal coordination in deployment of operations
  • Continually informs the various departments involved in the projects he or she is responsible for about future actions and their deployment schedule

Hierarchical structure

Reports to Audi Marketing Manager.